Pet Adoption


#AdoptLove 2nd Annual Pet Adoption.  August 8, 12-3pm.  Have you been yearning for a new pup or kitty?  Plan to stop by and check out some of the Ventura County Animal Services rescues.  They need a home and your home can be the one, and you don’t have to wait!  Here is the direct link for you to #AdoptLove

Contract Four Brix Winery for more information on #AdoptLove
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Gourmet Pizza


Pizza and Wine at the BrixHouse?  It is now a mainstay! Continuing the tradition, gourmet pizza will be available daily in the BrixHouse.  Not just your plain cheese pizza, which will be available.  These gourmet pizzas may include roasted artichokes, proscuitto, spinach, specialty cheeses, even a gluten free option.  Menu varies monthly, but one thing will never change – how great they taste with our wine!  Stop by the BrixHouse and enjoy some pizza and wine with the BrixHeads!

No RSVP necessary, but if you have a group of 6 or more, please call so we can reserve a table for you.

805-256-6006 or

Four Brix Winery & Tasting Room

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