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How many Brix? Four Brix, of Course!

Hoot ‘n Annie visit Four Brix

On our way to Newport Beach recently, we stopped in Ventura to see Hoot’s Twitter buddy Gary Stewart of Four Brix Winery. This was our first time meeting him in real life, along with his wife Karen. We were fortunate to get a tour of their new tasting room and winery facility, which opened just one weekend before we arrived. The location is actually pretty awesome, it’s an industrial area but we have to say, they have done an outstanding job with the tasting room…it’s actually a place we would love to hang out and enjoy a glass or two if we lived closer.

Of course, we had to taste the wines…right?? Well, we did taste them, and we were quite happy about it! It was great hearing Gary talk about each wine, where the grapes were from, and how they were made as we tasted through.

A side note here, from Hoot: I am constantly amazed at the power of social media. So many people disregard it, and even talk negatively about it…but I have met so many amazing people via Twitter and Facebook. Some of those people I have ended up meeting in person, like Gary of Four Brix, and others I have not met in person yet; but you know what…these people have added to my life! I have learned from them, I have gained friendships, and I wouldn’t trade any of that for anything else. Be sure to follow Four Brix on Twitter and Facebook!

And a side note from Annie: We found Four Brix by following our GPS, Madge (Magellan) through an industrial area of Ventura and wound up at this awesome place tucked back in the other warehouses. It’s just one of those places that draws you in when you walk through the door! Then, as we spent a few minutes talking to Gary and hearing the story of how he, his wife and two other couples started the winery after their travels together. They’ve spent time all over the place, seeking out great wine; in France, Spain, Italy, and of course, California! They call these the four sweet spots, hence the name “Four Brix”, brix being about the sugar content in the grapes. It was awesome to meet people that are passionate about wine, and the fact that they source a lot of their fruit from little old Paso Robles put them even closer to our hearts! Cheers, guys! You’re doing an incredible job!