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Tasting Notes

100% Grenache Blanc from Camp 4 Vineyard in Santa Ynez Valley. Aromas of orange, and a hint of pear; taste of dried apricots and a little fig. Balanced and round mouthfeel with a pleasant fruitiness and light acidity in the finish.


Grapes were handpicked into ½ ton picking bins; clusters were sorted by hand before being de-stemmed. Under-ripe and damaged fruit was removed during the sorting process. Whole-berry grapes entered the open-top bins.

Field blended and fermented to dryness over 15-17 days. During fermentation, punch-down took place two to four times daily to extract ripe tannins and intense flavors from the skins. Malolactic fermentation took place in barrel to help incorporate the oak.  Wine is only racked once just prior to bottling.

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Grenache Blanc Desirous Specifics

  • Blend: 100% Grenache Blanc from Camp 4 Vineyard in Santa Ynez Valley
  • Barrel Aging: 3 Months
  • Bottle Aging: 14 Months
  • Aging Potential: 6-8 Years
  • Barrels: New American Oak
  • Harvest: October 2013
  • Harvest method: 100% Hand-Harvested
  • Fermentation: Slow Cool Over 2 Months
  • Malolactic fermentation: Natural in Barrel
  • Bottled: June 21, 2014
  • Alcohol: 13.7%
  • Released: July 2015
  • Palate: Pear, Green Apple, Dried Apricot, Light Creaminess, Slight Minerality
  • Food Pairing: Triple Cream Brie with Truffles, Pork Terrine with Toasted Pistachios, and Fish Soup