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California Wines and the Ventura Wine Trail

“Among the wine trails here in California you will find that each has something very unique.  All along the coast of California, travelers find communities that each exhibit their own charm and ambience.  Ventura is no exception.  In fact, Ventura has been cited as a stand alone experience that epitomizes the California of “days gone bye”, while providing amenities found in much larger city settings.  Ventura is just an hour’s drive from Los Angeles and Hollywood, located along the scenic southern-most part of California’s Central Coast. Year round daytime temperatures average 70 degrees F (21 degrees C) so it’s no wonder early Spanish settlers dubbed Ventura the “land of endless summers”.
Good news wine lovers.  Ventura County has its own wine trail.  Just a short trip from Los Angeles is a wonder place for wine lovers and family entertainment alike.  Learn more at: You just might be surprised at what awaits you there.”