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Wine Tasting in Ventura. Who Knew?

Excerpt from Keeping the Faith Blog

I was invited to the opening of a new winery. Not one to turn down an opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine, I happily agreed to go. I planned to drive to Santa Barbara, go to the opening, and spend the night. I had the weekend planned out and was excited. I booked a hotel room and was looking forward to a mini break in wine country.

A few days before the opening I received an email reminding me about the event and saying they looked forward to seeing me in Ventura. What? Ventura? I thought perhaps they wanted to meet me in Ventura and drive together, which would not work because I was using the opening as an excuse to have a little vacation.

That is when I looked closely at the invitation and realized the winery was actually in Ventura. I had no idea there were wineries in Ventura. I was unclear about anything in Ventura actually, and had to rethink my whole plan. Ventura is less than an hour away so my weekend in Santa Barbara became a day trip to Ventura with a stop at the local outlet mall.

I did a little research online and there is a thriving wine business in Ventura. It may not be as famous as Napa, or as sexy as Santa Barbara, but it is an amazing group of people making great wine and chasing their dreams. I was looking forward to the wine, but after a little reading on the business of winemaking, I was excited to meet the people.

It was an interesting afternoon. Not only did I try wine, but spent time with the owners of the wineries. I was treated to an afternoon of learning about wine and fantastic stories about the journey from grape to glass. I can appreciate the subtle nuances between different types of wine, but never really thought about the bigger picture until now.

I started by meeting with the owners of the Four Brix Winery. The word “brix” is the term used to measure how much sugar is in grapes. The owners picked the their four “sweet spots” for wine which are California, Italy, France, and Spain, then called their company “Four Brix”. They have a great story and I was listening like a kid at storytime.

This group of friends from Ventura went on wine tours through Europe and began making wine in their garages just for themselves. During their trips abroad they became more involved in the world of wine and decided to make a go of it and start their own winery.  I tried a few of their wines and my favorite was one called “Scosso”.

I would eat Scosso popsicles it was so good. It is a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. It tastes fruity and soft and would pair perfectly with an Italian meal. When I knew the story of the wine, and that it took over three years to get from vineyard to glass and more than 20 people were part of the process, it tasted better.

To sit with the wine makers amongst the barrels of wine is very cool. The barrels themselves are beautiful works of art. They’re held together by metal brackets and have no nails, which I never knew. The work it took just to carve them is amazing and to learn how they vary by region and tree is fascinating. I was hanging on every word.

After an amazing time with the owners of Four Brix, I walked next door to their newest venture, Blendz.  The best way to compare these two wineries is to say Four Brix is a handsome and sophisticated gentleman, while Blendz is a sexy, bad boy, rock star. They have partnered to start a new label and nothing about the Blendz winery is ordinary.

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Ilana Angel writes two blogs for KEEPING THE FAITH is about her worldview as a single Jewish mother, and KEEPING IT REAL is all about reality television…. Read more

Vines, canines at center of Ventura County winemaking effort

OJAI, Calif. – Ed Guerra’s vineyard in Upper Ojai isn’t going to the dogs. It’s already there.

Flashing a paw-print tattoo on his left wrist, Guerra pointed out the highlights while leading a tour of the 4 1/2-acre site he owns with wife Debbie Guerra.

It started with a visit to the larger-than-life metal sculpture of a dog. Purchased in memory of Sara, the couple’s beloved rescue Finnish Spitz, the sculpture stands at the border between their yard and the vineyard. Its nose points to the 4,200 vines arranged in neat rows on the steep, sun-baked hillside below.

Later, while driving a 4-wheel-drive truck past a protective berm of boulders to get a closer look at the vines, Guerra mentioned that some of the proceeds from sales of the grapes will go to the humane society.

“We love animals. Dogs in particular,” he said.

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Article written by Lisa McKinnon, Ventura County Star

Four Brix Spring Party 2014


BrixHeads, it’s that time again for another pick up party and wine shipment… did we mention party?!  Four Brix Winery wants to Rock & Roll all night and Party everyday!  So we decided to rock & roll at our next bash.  Wear your most rad concert shirt or your totally awesome 80’s outfit, or just come as yourself.  However you dress be ready to dance to music from the 1950’s to 1980’s!  So get up a our band will be sure to get you on your feet.  Dinner to be catered by Tim Kilcoyne of Scratch Gourmet.

Pick a date & sign up. 

  • May 16, 6:30-9:30pm SOLD OUT
  • May 17, 6:30-9:30pm  SOLD OUT
  • May 18, 2:00-5:00pm SOLD OUT

Party Schedule

  • First Hour: Tastings of new releases and appetizers
  • Special Tasting:  The making of Zeductive
  • Final Hours:  Dinner, music and wine by the glass ($5 per glass) – make your wine club selection

Release parties always sell out, so purchase yer tickets right away – RSVP Here! $15 per person for wine club members (two people per membership) and $25 per person for guests. Refunds are not available.

What if you can’t Rock & Roll with us?  You can pick up your wine at the winery May 16- June 1 during our regular BrixHouse hours.  After June 1, we will ship to those of you who live out of the area.  For our locals, we will process credit cards and hold your wine until you are able to stop in the BrixHouse and pick up.

Wine shipment consists of:
4 bottle:  2011 Petite Sirah, 2011 Scosso, 2011 Temptress, 2012 Smitten (all red will include 2010 Rhondezvous instead of Smitten)
6 bottle:  2011 Petite Sirah, 2011 Scosso, 2011 Temptress, 2012 Smitten, 2010 Rhondezvous, 2010 Temptress (all red will include 2011 Rhondezvous instead of Smitten).

We can’t wait for our next party with our BrixHeads!

Four Brix Winery Blog

Harvest 2013

November 15th – Four Brix Harvest 2013 concludes with a time lapse video showing our last grape press of the year with Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles AVA.

October 18th – Four Brix Harvest 2013 continues with a visit to Gold Hawk Vineyard in Russian River Valley Sonoma AVA.

September 5th – Four Brix Harvest 2013 continues with a visit to Terravant in Buellton for a Wine Press of Viognier.

August 25th – Four Brix kicks off Harvest 2013 with a special pick at Cani Amante Vineyards in Ojai.  Gary talks about this project, extreme wine making, and takes a ride on a tractor.

Around the World



Back by popular demand! The BrixHeads are thrilled to bring back this food and wine pairing event.  We have partnered with Chef Steve Stroh, Executive Chef of The Kitchen, to bring you an evening of worldly food and wine.

At the BrixHouse, you will travel to the Rhone Valley of France to enjoy our Rhondezvous, a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre, paired with cheeses and artisan breads.  Our white Rhone wine, Desirous, will also be poured.  From France, you will travel to the Tuscan region of Italy.  Sip on our Super Tuscan Sangiovese, Scosso, while enjoying Chef Steve’s Italian cuisine.  Next stop is the Rioja region of Spain.  Be tempted by our Spanish Temptress paired with a culinary treat.  Finally, come back to California and enjoy our popular Zeductive, a zinfandel and petite sirah blend, partnered with West Coast cuisine.

A night of world travel and culinary delight in the BrixHouse awaits!


Around the World tickets $50 for BrixHead Members – $60 for Non-Members
Saturday, August 10th 6-9 pm


Ventura Music Week

DR_VMWAre you ready to get DIRTY? Well here is your chance to see the hottest Band in the 805 – DIRTY RICE!

Four Brix Winery and Dirty Rice are joining together for a special night of Music & Wine during Ventura Music Week. Thursday, June 13th is the designated night for the OffMarket Street neighborhood of Ventura. Along with Surf Brewery and The Cave at Ventura Wine Company, Four Brix Winery is hosting a special concert this evening.

Do you need to know more about Dirty Rice? They are a 7-piece reggae band based in South Oxnard, California. The soulful sound of Dirty Rice is a mix of roots, rock, and hints of reggae combined with never-ending drum grooves, acoustic guitar, wholesome keys, soothing vocal harmonies and rocking bass riffs. Accompanying them will be high-quality audio equipment to make it an enjoyable experience. If you are a musician and are in need of good audio equipment, you can redirect to Graham Slee HiFi online to see what they have there for you. Those looking to enjoy the music of Dirty Rice and their other favorite artists will likely also find that the best listening experiences are had on top-end audio equipment. You could set up your soundstage at home with something like the Majority Snowdon ii Soundbar and pair it to your TV or other multimedia device. This will completely overhaul whatever sound capabilities the device already has in favor of a truly capable speaker that can provide the detail and volume that audiophiles are looking for. Music, podcasts, tv shows, and movies will never sound the same again.

This special Concert in the Cellar event will be standing room only. The doors will open at 6 pm with the Band starting the Island Groove at 7 pm.

Concert in the Cellar with DIRTY RICE $15
Thursday, June 13th. Doors open at 6pm

Event Sold Out!
Phone (805) 256-6006 or email us.